Thursday, May 21, 2009


I thought both Kris and Adam were good, but in different ways. Should Kris have won? Was Adam better? Can't we all just win?

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Earl said...

Some competitions such as stock car racing have clearly defined standards of winning. Some such as diving or dancing are more nebulous and open to interpretation. But it is the nature of competition that that there will be winners and losers. And regardless of if the standards are clearly defined or more ambiguous, the issue is not if the participants are good or even better but who is judged to be the best. The problem with AI as a competition is that the standards of evaluation are not clearly defined. Rather the elimination or advancement of a contestant as often as not turns on value judgments and personal emotional response. But season after season this has been the modus operandi for AI. According to that standard Kris Allen won and Adam Lambert lost. That is the nature of competition. It may be that AI is not so much competition as it is entertainment. If that is the case, then who won and who lost is not of great consequence.